Monday, October 10, 2016

lovesong at 6pm

it is just dusk
and my crazy heart is filled
with love for the flitting of birds about the yard
not noticing
here in this chair
bursting with desire

the screech owl awoke me at 4am; I swooned.
over coffee the wren, concocting a plan
to build a tiny nest on the porch.
sun set the blue of the jay and the cardinal on reddish fire
who am I but some lovesick
mad with longing for the settling light in the leaves
the barely perceptible breeze,
the birds,
the night

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

poem at 9pm

Roatan, 2013

the moon's slivered crescent
rises and the light puddles
 on the surface of the water
quiet except
for the breath
steady and calm and
 in the liquid ether
that is more home to me than air

can't I stay here
a mermaid
with tangled hair
and a mournful underwater song
in a wake of sorrow

sometimes I miss you
but here in the deep cold
no one can see the tears